My Google Logo and Background Changer

By Ross Walker Last update May 18, 2013 — Installed 884 times.

Script Summary: Since Google stopped supporting custom background images, I have created this simple Greasemonkey script. It allows you to change the Google logo and bacgkround images with your own hosted images, or files on your computer (PNG or JPEG). Requires Greasemonkey. Tested on Firefox only. Last Release / Testing Date: 18-05-2013

Version: 12



Once Greasemonkey has installed the script, edit the script (Greasemonkey - Edit script) and edit the following two lines to the web addresses of your own hosted images:

// @resource logo
// @resource background

Alternatively, you can save the image files on your hard drive and use those. The images need to to be in the same location as the script (Greasemonkey - Open script location). For example if the files where called, file1.jpg and file2.jpg those two files should be copied to the same location as the script (.js file) and the script would read:

// @resource logo file1.jpg
// @resource background file2.jpg

KEEP THE SCRIPT LOCATION OPEN: After you modify the script Greasemonkey will automatically remove it for safety realising the script has been edited. Simply drag the edited script (.js) file back into the Firefox main window. Greasemonkey should prompt you to re-install it. Once installed, restart Firefox and you should be good. If you have automatic script updating enabled, you will have to do this whenever I change the script version. Don't worry, I don't plan on changing it unless it doesn't work, lol. Take care, Ross.


Version 12 - Google changed their footer 'fbar' - it went all white. So I've removed it entirely. Disable Greasemonkey to change your google search settings (you probably don't do it that often anyway). Personal choice but I think it looks better without it.

Version 11 - 14-05-2013 : Read up a bit on HTML and CSS and tweaked the same code as below. Should stretch and fit better now to any situation. Image is centred and the stretched with the "cover" option.

Version 10 - 14-05-2013 : An update (?) to either the Google webpage / Firefox or Greasemonkey means that "today" style.backgroundSize no longer supports seems to support both height and width values "100% %102". So much for backward compatibility. You wake up and something is broken! As a result, the background image completely disappeared. Changed to "100%" (seems to work);

Pre V10 - mainly testing, please use latest version 10 or above.