4chan 7z/RAR uploader

By cornarxgm Last update Jan 5, 2013 — Installed 8,146 times.

Script Summary: Converts non-image files into Cornelia-style PNGs so they can be uploaded to 4chan.

License: Public domain

To upload non-image files to 4chan, install this script, and simply select the file you want to upload using the normal field at the top of the page (this script does not yet work with Quick Reply). When you submit your post, the file will be converted into a Cornelia-style archive, that is, a 7z file embedded in a BMP image converted into a PNG.

After selecting your file, you will notice that an additional file field appears above the normal one. This field is optional and allows you to select a descriptive image to be placed on top of the data section.

If your non-image file is a (non-split) 7z file or a RAR file, it will be embedded as is into the image data rather than being wrapped in a second archive.

To extract the 7z/RAR archives from the images created, convert them into 24-bit Windows BMP, and you should be able to open them in 7zip or WinRAR, as explained in detail [here]( Alternatively you can use this script to extract the 7z archive and, if the archive is not compressed, view the files inside the archive in your browser.

You can try the script out without installing anything [here](