WME Color Highlights

By Timbones Last update Jun 15, 2014 — Installed 13,247 times.

Script Summary: Adds colors to road segments and landmarks in the Waze Map Editor.

Version: 1.9

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Chrome Users: Go to [Chrome Web Store]( and install extension from there. Remember to uninstall old version!
Firefox Users: You'll need to have the Greasemonkey addon installed first.

Addon script for Waze Map Editor (WME).
Adds colors to road segments to show their status, and to landmarks to show their type.
Checkboxes are added underneath the "User's Guide" button, on the left-hand side:

Highlight Segments
[_] Recently Edited (Green)
[_] Locks (Red)
[_] Toll (Dashed)
[_] No Name (Orange)
[_] No City (Gray)
[_] One Way (Blue)
[_] Unknown Direction (Cyan)
[_] Unterminated Roads (Lime)
[_] Filter by City: [_____v]
[_] Filter by Road Type: [_____v]

Advanced Options - area managers only
[_] Recently Edited (Green) [____] days
[_] Filter by Editor: [_____v]
[_] Turn Warnings for Selected Nodes

[_] Highlight Landmarks
parks/trees = pale green, water = blue
gas station = green, parking lot = pink
everything else = gray

Tip: The colors can be hard to see on Highways and Freeways. Turn off road layer (Shift+R) to see just the highlights.

Thanks to AlanOfTheBerg, bgodette, Dave2084, Twister_UK and Kuhlkatz for their contributions.


- Remove extra speed data for selected segments, after Waze dropped it from the model
- Fixed behaviour in Beta editor, wrt. house numbering (no Landmark highlights if not available)

- made to work in new WME version (please report issues)
- traffic lock highlight option now available in main WME, but is not available in all countries yet

- No significant changes - synchronised with Chrome version.

- Highlight segments and nodes with Time/Vehicle Restrictions (Purple).
- Highlight by Road Type now includes all Non-Routable and Non-Drivable types

- Updated to work with new editor URLs
- Show road ranks and time restrictions in beta editor

- Added support for new beta editor URLs.
- Fixed collision of version number with other scripts.
- Fixes some errors with Landmark highlighting.
- Detect when country has states, and automatically enable support for them.
- Nodes with U-turns on them are highlighted cyan (not red)
- Fixed highlighting of Landmarks by city to honour invert option
- Support for new variable lock rank, with darker shades for higher ranks (beta only)

- Added support for States in Canada (removes INVALID STATE text on World server)
- Added option to invert City filter (thanks bensmithurst)

- Show Filter by City and Road Type options to all users
- Show "Unterminated Segments" option to all users
- Highlight landmarks when a specific city is selected
- More intelligent handling of states in city name highlight (thanks to skbun)
- Segments which cannot be edited by user have a black line through them
- Segments locked by an editor are shaded according to their rank
- Segments locked by the system are highlighted with a thin red line [Beta only]
- Segment rank and edit time is shown under Average Speed data for a selection

- Show city names with state and country if near a border
- Show matching city in alternate streets with dashed yellow (thanks skbun)
- Highlight nodes on main roads that have revcon or selfcon
- Highlight segments with no nodes (red) and unbroken loops (lime)
- Highlight segments by anonymous editors (usa_* and world_*)
- Notification of updated version at
- Minor tweaks and improvements

- fixed bug with reverse and self connection highlights not appearing.

v1.4 (Oct 2012)
- checkbox for showing highlighted turns when selecting a node or segment
- display turn warnings in edit panel for selected segment
- display average speed for selected segments (code by bgodette)
- suppress no name highlights from roundabouts and non-Streets
- suppress highlights from unterminated roads which are very short (<10m)>
- fixed many bugs for improved robustness and compatibility

- When a node is selected, it highlights segments with soft turns, reverse connectivity and U-turns
- When 1 segment is selected, it highlights connecting segments at each end, as per selected nodes
- Adds highlight for a selected road type (purple) - lowest precedence, excludes obvious types

- Improved list of cities. Now shows more cities, sorted alphabetically
- Added segment count when highlighting cities or users
- Made Filter by City option persistent
- Railroads are rendered with black dots if Highlight Landmarks enabled (experimental)
- Newly paved roads are highlighted with fatter, brighter line
- Other minor fixes

- added Filter by City in Yellow
- No City highlight changed to Gray
- always highlight newly paved roads
- Filter by Editor will affect Recent Edits
- user levels now match number of cones in Beta
- added hide|show button (for old editor)
- fixed persistance of options in Firefox

- first non-beta, public release

- load script early, with delayed appearance of Advanced options in Firefox.
- fixed drop down list of editors in Firefox.
- various robustness fixes.

- Fix for missing options in Firefox.
- Preserve advanced options after logout.

- improved method of highlighting Recent edits (thanks Brian)
- Added Show edits by editor, with drop-down selection. Works with other highlights.
- Above features moved to Advanced section, which is only visible to AMs and above.
- Other minor tweaks and optimisations.

- moved options to 'Highlights' tab in beta WME
- minor bug fixes

- fixed Livemap date on NA server

- options are now persistent across editor reloads

- added option to highlight segments edited since last map update (thanks Brian)
- added filter so you can see own edits or edits by another user
- some minor code improvements

- Added highlights for one-way and unknown directions (thanks Alan)
- Hide segments which cannot be seen when zoomed out
- Incomplete gas stations highlighted in red (world editor only)
- Code has been refactored and optimised

- separated out some check boxes (thanks Alan)
- fixed bug with missing highlights in Firefox

- Segments and Landmarks are reset when unticking their check box
- Removed highlighting of segments with no city defined
- Toll roads are now blue dashes, or purple dashes if also locked
- Gas stations changed to dark green, to match beta editor
- Made the script options more visible (bottom left of screen)