Junkies Enhancer

By PandaScripting Last update May 1, 2014 — Installed 8,442 times.

Script Summary: This script changes the layout of and for a better overview of series, seasons and episodes. It can also decrypt links now (Firefox only), keeps your series up to date and works with Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Version: 2014.5.2

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Now SerienJunkies doesn't waste most of screen space anymore, and the seasons have their own section. You can select which mirror to display by clicking on the respective hoster logo.
I'm only testing this on the current version of Firefox (1680x1050), bugreports and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Update Alert

So here's how to use the update system:
  • First, browse to any series page that you would like to track. For example: .../serie/fringe/
  • Click the update alert button on the right side, above the settings button.
  • The update status will then appear between the track button and the settings button. This icon will show when the next update check will take place if being hovered by the mouse. Whenever an update is found, the counter on the update status will indicate how many updates there are, and hovering with the mouse will expand the update list (see screenshot).
  • The series' current state is now saved and the button is highlighted. If you click the button on any other site than the series' main page, like page 2 or a season's page, the state will first be loaded in the background and then saved (the 'loading' icon on the button changes to the 'waiting' icon). That's because only the main page is used for update checking.
  • There's now the 'update interval' setting in the settings menu. A series' main page will silently be loaded for update checking only if that time has passed since the last update check. When visiting a main page however, there will always be a check, since nothing has to be loaded first.
  • When there's no check, the stored updates of the last check will be shown in the list.
  • For disabling keeping track of updates again, simply click the colored update alert button again and the update status will slide out.
  • When clicking an update in the update list mentioned above, that update will be highlighted (see screenshot). If that updated season/release/mirror/link is not present on the current page, you will automatically be redirected to the season page that the update is at.
  • If you have blacklisted a release or a season (by clicking on the 'remove' icon), that release/season will no longer be considered for update checks.

  • Every tracked series is shown on the home page with the title linking to it and cover.
  • By hovering a series, the buttons fade in with which the title and the cover URL can be edited.
  • (If a series has no cover, try to retrack it; the script will use the first season cover on the page as the series cover)
  • The update checking basically works as on the series pages, whenever it is time to check (regarding the last check time and the 'update interval') and some new links are found, you will see a list of them below the series title.

  • To avoid inconsistencies, please untrack a series only after a fresh page load


    These settings can be found by clicking on the little settings icon on the right:
    'show url as text': If checked, the episode titles are replaced by the link url, so you can easily copy and paste all episode urls of a season.
    'show prefered hoster': If unchecked, the episode links aren't already shown at page load.
    'show hoster logos': If unchecked, instead of the logos, the title of the hosters are displayed.
    'hoster timeout': You can set this timeout depending on the speed of your internet connection. After this amount of seconds is reached, the decryption is aborted.
    'update interval': This time has to pass since the last update check for the series main page to be loaded in the background. 'single release column': If you want only one column of releases, check this. 'colour links': You can set a new colour theme to the site by defining the values for a link in normal state, when having already clicked it, when hovering it, and when clicking it. Focussing on the color input or clicking the little color picker icon opens the color picker dialog for easily setting the color you want.
    'hoster preferation': From top to bottom, the script will show that hoster's links if available. You just need to drag and drop the items. (see 'show prefered hoster')
    By clicking on the remove icon (visible when the mouse is on a hoster item), that hoster is blacklisted and won't be shown as a mirror button anymore. You can always re-enable a blacklisted hoster by clicking on the little green plus icon. By default, the currently offline or non-sharing hosting services are blacklisted.
    'tracked series': This is a list of all tracked series. You can change the order by which they are listed on the main page by dragging and dropping the list items to the wanted spot.


  • Updated to jQuery 2.1.0
  • Bugfix: Season update items weren't taken from the list if that season became blacklisted
  • Bugfix: Decryption failed with links like, those are now skipped
  • Added: The order of tracked series can now be changed in the settings menu
  • Added logo for
  • Moved and to the dead hoster list

  • 2013.10.16
  • Bugfix: Freezing of decryption when a captcha was already cached
  • Added: Option for displaying only a single release column

  • 2013.5.20
  • Updated to jQuery 2.0.0
  • Switched to different jQuery plugins which are compatible with version 2.0.0
  • Fixed the header links on DokuJunkies
  • Added: The timeout of the spotlight can be skipped by clicking anywhere on the screen
  • Bugfix: Updater can now handle series with titles containing single quotes
  • Bugfix: Auto scrolling in Chrome
  • Bugfix: Update links/releases are no longer re-added to the update list when the release/season containing that update is blacklisted and re-enabled again

  • 2013.1.20
  • Added logo for

  • 2012.10.5
  • Seasons are now blacklistable
  • Fixed: Deletion of settings on DokuJunkies, like clearing the hoster list
  • Workaraound: 'Remove' buttons of updates were kind of hard to click if the link was truncated (and behind the parent node's padding; I'm not quite sure if that's a rendering bug or not). I'm now using tables, which aren't slidable, but I guess functionality goes before style. The update lines are also a bit smaller now, so you won't have to scroll as much as before, so that's a plus.
  • Added logo for
  • Mirror updates show the hoster name at the end
  • Updates of blacklisted releases, (and seasons,) are now getting trashed, instead of shown, when re-enabling, the release (,or season),
  • All links now have titles (info when hovering)
  • I had to reset the list of blacklisted releases, but trust me, I know what I'm doing...

  • 2012.9.16
  • I'm sorry, I messed up. Renaming .net led to the update alert going crazy by detecting all the new mirrors, which I didn't think of and is now too late to repair. Also, I forgot to rename the icon. It was a last minute and untested change. Won't happen again. (Best way to get rid of all the mirror updates is probably retracking the series)

  • 2012.9.15
  • Updated to jQuery 1.8.1
  • Now only the most preferred and available mirror of a new episode is added to the update list
  • Some style corrections of the update list and the remove buttons
  • The timeout setting is now hidden if decryption is not supported
  • Changed to, so you might want to check your hoster preferation settings

  • 2012.9.6
  • Added track overview
  • No more, added it to blacklist and removed the icon
  • Different clock icon
  • Fixed DokuJunkies search input on low resolutions
  • Reduced the listed updates on the home page to 5 to speed up page load
  • Bugfix: ID collisions and therefore false updates of releases with the same header text in the same season (like at 'Breaking Bad')

  • 2012.8.25
  • Added new @grant imperative. Hands up for Greasemonkey 1.0!
  • Added 'clear' translation

  • 2012.8.24
  • DokuJunkies! (Request by BananaJ├╝rgen) (Chrome users may have to reinstall the script)
  • Therefore, new script title
  • I don't know yet if the way the update system works with DokuJunkies is optimal. Because there aren't series and seasons but categories and shows. Now every category can be tracked, as well as every show in it. But the archive cannot. Because that would be pointless.
  • Re-enabled the DokuJunkies logo link in the right top corner
  • Corrected a mistake with the decryption. All links were requested at once, but because of the limited number of parallel connections, the timeout fired when decrypting a high number of links, since all timeouts were started at the beginning of decryption. Now there are 5 requests at most at a time and so the timeouts are started at actual request start.
  • Added link for clearing the hoster list in case there are wrong names in it that were added in previous script versions and are fixed now. Just in case.
  • The season cover is now seperate and no longer part of the first release
  • Added logo for

  • 2012.8.21
  • Now with 16,777,214 more link colours!
  • Now with update alert! This took me forever since I didn't really have a concept on how to achieve this. I ended up rewriting most parts several times.
  • Releases are blacklistable (so they are hidden and excluded from update checking)
  • (colours, update alert and hideable releases were requested by Kasal, so also thank him for those)
  • Hoster buttons are now ordered by the preferation list
  • The season footers are now appended
  • Added animations to showing/hiding/switching hosters
  • Added animations to removing/adding links during decryption
  • The usual style tweaking and bug fixing, didn't keep track of that this time

  • 2012.7.28
  • The script should now run on other browsers supporting user scripts. I tested it on Opera and Chrome. Anyone wants a version for Internet Explorer (IE7Pro)? Leave me a message.
  • Moved to settings from the User Script Commands to the settings button on the right side of the page, because other browsers don't have that menu
  • Added hoster blacklisting funtion
  • Fixed some parsing issues
  • Minor style changes and fixes ("to top" link, page number links, seperating lines, float around blocks of decrypted links, ...)
  • Removed the firefox version warning, the hoster timeout should take care of that.
  • Removed the obsolete hoster icons
  • Link lists are now hideable by clicking on the active hoster button again

  • 2012.7.13
  • Bugfix: decryptor hung up if the captcha was "loaded too fast"
  • Added some more error handling
  • Fixed the seperator line between decrypted links

  • 2012.7.12
  • I just noticed that Mozilla fixed the redirection bug in FF 13 ([[598304]](, so please update if you want to decrypt links while being logged in as premium user.
    Because of that, I added a message recommending to update for all the people who do not read this changelog
  • Added error messages for link decryption
  • Requests are now aborted in case of error or timeout, so there should no longer be any downloading of files in the background
  • Added timeout option

  • 2012.7.8
  • Minor animations added out of boredom

  • 2012.6.24
  • Fixed icon
  • Added icon

  • 2012.5.21
  • Quick layout bug workaround

  • 2012.3.25
  • The updates on the main page are now seperated by date

  • 2012.3.13
  • Bugfix: links and urls were copied without line breaks

  • 2012.3.10
  • Added link decryption
  • Removed the ads that are incompatible with the layout
  • Cleaned up code and added comments
  • Bugfix: adding of badly formatted hoster titles

  • 2012.3.2
  • Added german language
  • Added 'url as text'-option

  • 2012.3.1
  • Initial release