Mouseover Popup Image Viewer

By kuehlschrank Last update May 6, 2014 — Installed 96,359 times.

Script Summary: Shows larger version of thumbnails. Also supports HTML5 video.

Version: 2014.5.6

Thumb Thumb Thumb
open popupmove mouse cursor over thumbnail
close popupmove cursor off thumbnail, click, zoom out fully, ...
activate zoomright-click or tap shift while popup is visible
adjust zoommouse wheel up/down to zoom in/out
open image in new tabpress "t" while popup is visible
flip through imgur/minus albummouse wheel, j/k or left/right keys
suppress/freeze popuphold down shift while entering/leaving thumbnail
change settingsmonkey toolbar icon -> "User Script Commands" -> "Set up..."
Works with links to image files, WebM videos1 and these sites:
500px, abload, amazon, coppermine photo galleries, cweb-pix, depic, deviantart, dropbox, ebay, euro-pic, facebook2, fastpic, firepic, flickr, gfycat1, hostingkartinok, hotimg, imagearn, imagebam, imageban, imagebunk, imagefap, imagepdb, imagepix, imagescream, imageshack, imageshimage, imageshost, imageteam, imagetwist, imageupper, imagevenue, imagewaste, imagezilla, imdb, imgbox, imgchili, imgearn, imgflare, imggoo, imgjet, imgnova, imgpaying, imgproof, imgrill, imgserve, imgspice, imgsure, imgtheif, imgur, instagram1, istoreimg, itmages,, lazygirls, ld-host, listal, livememe, lostpic, minus, modelmayhem, panoramio, photobucket, photosex, pic4all, piccy, picsee, picturescream, pimpandhost, pixhost, pixhub, pixroute, pixsor, posteram, postimage, radikal, screenlist, seevine, sharenxs, soundcloud, stooorage, swoopic, turboimagehost, twitpic, twitter, upix, vBulletin attachments, viewer.php, vine1, wikipedia (and similiar), youtube - [How to add more?](
  1. Whether videos will play or not depends on the [HTML5 support in your browser]( and the restrictiveness of installed content-blocking software.
  2. Popup in photo viewer requires manual activation with ctrl or right click.
  • Image dimensions and zoom level are shown in the tab title.
  • Some sites require an anti-hotlinking workaround. You'll see a progress bar when it's being used.
  • Should the script get in your way, add the affected website to your script manager's exclude list.
    Firefox: "Add-ons" -> "User Scripts" -> "Options" and write something like*
  • Icon taken from [Developer Kit]( by Burak Ozturk.
  • Firefox + [Greasemonkey](
  • Chrome + [Tampermonkey](
  • Opera 12 + [Violentmonkey](
When reporting problems:
  • State name and version of your browser and script manager.
  • Provide a web address where I can see the problem for myself. A domain name is not enough.
  • Be as specific as possible. I need to know where to look.
2014-05-06Hosts: small update, Core: fixed bug under Chrome
2014-04-14Hosts: updated twitter (media grid), Core: new host rule properties "d" (domain substring) and "e" (restricts rule to elements that match a given selector, can be used instead of or in addition to "r"), added Greasemonkey's soon-to-be-mandatory @grant placebo
2014-04-04Hosts: include direct links to webm files, hide amazon's own zoom box, fixed google images not working on repeated searches
2014-03-12Hosts: added livememe, made adjustment for google images
2014-03-08Hosts: added support for links to vBulletin attachments, updated soundcloud, Zoom activation: new option "automatically" (starts popup in zoom mode), Core: vim/sed-inspired syntax for URL substitutions (/old/new/)
2014-02-25minor fixes
2014-02-22Hosts: updated listal, vine and imgur albums, Interface: added option to disable kill switch, Core: force loading to stop on popup closing
2014-02-19Hosts: added imgflare, imgearn and imgspice, Core: improved parsing of URLs and gallery definitions
2014-02-06Hosts: updated imgur, Custom CSS: allow arbitrary rule sets and not just declarations for popup (how-to is linked in settings dialog)
2014-01-26Hosts: added basic support for HTML5 video (links to gfycat, instagram and vine, custom host rules may point to [source elements]( and return webm/mp4 URLs), also updated firepic and added imggoo, imgpaying, istoreimg, tinypix, Coppermine photo galleries and MediaWiki sites like wikia