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Not work on Chrome , Dec 11, 2012
Review written by happyboy1992 - see all my reviews (37)

I didn't see any numbers next to "issue". IDK what's wrong?

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Posted Dec 11, 2012

happyboy1992 re-reviewed:
Not work on Chrome
I didn't see any numbers next to "issue". IDK what's wrong?
You can't even keep your reviews consistent.

happyboy1992 wrote:
I think you should have a better thing to do than going around and talk badly about me.
This coming from someone who tried to mark a post of mine as spam... I'll let the masses be the judge of that action.

happyboy1992 wrote:
Yes, I'm a user and because you're a script wright, you can call users STUPID?
I think that you had better reread those few comments for the bad reviews that you did... however if the shoe fits...!

happyboy1992 wrote:
By the way, I rate scripts on my experience with that scripts. If it's useless, I can't give it 5 stars. Until the problem solved, I'll keep my rating!
Clearly you are proving the point and don't know how to interact socially. It makes no difference to me that you keep your rating. I have no intention of supporting a browser that is unsafe and even more now that one of its users is incapable of being civil and perhaps adult.

Good day and stop harassing everyone.

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ChromeWindows happyboy1992 review's author
Posted Dec 11, 2012
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Posted Dec 4, 2012

happyboy1992 reviewed:
Not work
I didn't see any numbers next to "issue". IDK what's wrong?
Based off of your user agent in your posts my guess is that you are using Chrome/Chromium... Please read the compatibility matrix on the homepage before you install and review someones script unjustly.

happyboy1992 wrote:
I use Chrome 22.0.1229.94, Tamper version=2.8.289, Google Hit 1.5.3
You might consider using a better browser instead... and it appears that you've been making your bad marks all over the place. Try working with ScriptWrights in valid discussions not trying to beat them over their heads with some invalid reviews.